Gold necklaces come in different designs and lengths. In fact, the length of a necklace is the main distinction between necklaces, apart from the materials 

    • A Chain necklace is the base general necklace type. It usually comes of solid gold or silver. It has a lock or a clasp to close it and open it. Most chains have a pendant or several pendants attached to them
    • A Choker is a necklace that is worn tight around the neck. It is usually 14-16 inches. Chokers come in different materials such as leather, beads, silver, gold, platinum, etc. They can be studded with stones or attached to pendants
    • A matinee necklace is a popular necklace with its medium length of 22 to 23 inches. It usually comes on the bust line and is studded with stones and beads most of the time. This type of necklaces go well with a v-cut and plunging neckline
    • Princess necklace usually comes in fancy style and is studded with beads and gems. Its length is between 17-19 inches
    • An opera necklace is usually 26-35 inches and is a perfect choice with tops with deep necks. An Opera necklace has a versatile style that can go well with formal and everyday styles • A rope necklace is a name that refers to any necklace that is longer than an opera necklace